About NETalberta

High Performance, Reliable ISP Services

NETalberta is a 'private' ISP, owned and operated by Hök Nik Creative — a Canadian company of multimedia designers and marketing specialists. Our experience developing commercial web sites pushed us to create our own specialized hosting environment. We call that environment ‘NETalberta’. Our services are completely invisible to your end users, maximizing the value and impact of your brand. In short, your customers believe that you are providing the data and infrastructure behind their website. This private label formula works well for both for individual users and wholesalers. We are committed to providing all customers with ISP solutions that deliver high performance, reliable services, 24/7.

Why Outsource Web Hosting?

Outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to in-house solutions for companies of all sizes. By leveraging NETalberta's infrastructure, network, and technical expertise, many customers realize cost savings over in-house solutions. By outsourcing, you can concentrate on your organization’s core competencies. We can provide you with a private label solution that all but eliminates the risks and challenges of delivering a reliable, high performance suite of hosting services to your end users.

Why Choose Us?

There are three reasons customers choose and stay with NETalberta...

1) Expert Technology

We use only the latest, proven internet technologies. Why host your online assets on anything but the best? We offer leading-edge technology that responds to the rapidly changing marketplace and your evolving needs.

We are connected to the Internet by an OC10E Fiber Optic connection at 10Mb/s full duplex. Our fiber is fast and extremely reliable and can be quickly scaled up to 1Gb/s if required.

2) An Experienced Team

We are experienced developers, designers, system administrators who are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional hosting solutions. Whatever your company size or industry, our services are designed to help you achieve your unique objectives.

3) Proven Technical Support

We employ a support staff of dedicated professionals. We strive to ensure you receive friendly and accurate responses.